Tuesday, November 09, 2010



It’s 1am and we are settled in the Ron Hotel by the Sea of Galilee. Our rooms overlook the Lake, although it’s only the sound of water lapping on the shore (or is it in the swimming pool?) that indicates where we are. It’s a balmy 17c and the long journey is over. All went well, from Pilgrim Prayers at 7.45am in S. Andrews to the flight and drive here. There were moments – one poor pilgrim was subjected to extra security at Heathrow, but took it well. The El Al area had been crawling with police and sub-machine guns and Israeli security. It felt somewhat strange given that we’re from Romford. Or maybe not… But now we’re here and everyone tucked in for the night waiting for that 6am alarm call. Then off to Nazareth.

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