Wednesday, November 10, 2010


WEDNESDAY, 10TH NOVEMBER – Nazareth and Mt. Tabor

A start by 8am! But the coach arrived at 8.30am because of traffic – not much difference here. Off to Cana where we visited the church, renewed marriage vows and prayed for our loved ones. Then on to Nazareth where we were able to spend time in the Basilica, said the Angelus before Mary’s House and visited the House of S. Joseph, which included an exploration of the archaeological lower levels. Finally a trip to the ‘Nazareth Village’ which re-created aspects of 1st cent. Palestinian village before Mass at S. Margaret’s Guest House and a late lunch. By now everyone was tired but we showed what we were made of as we got back into the coach for the drive to Mt. Tabor. By now it was 3.30pm and there were few pilgrims around so we were able to be present to all that the basilica had to offer in the silence. That was helped by a group of American’s who were praying gently in the crypt. As we left dusk was falling as we gazed over the breadth of the Plain of Jezreel far below us. Back to the hotel by 5.30pm.

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