Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do men find it difficult to relate?

I was out last night at the new Pigalle Club in Piccadilly to listen to Marie Wilson. Great place - good food and entertainment. Our party included a 'Life Coach' and, waiting for Marie to appear, we got round to talking about the difficulty men have in having close and meaningful friendships. Is it true and, if so, why should it be?

Is it because many find it hard to 'delve deeper' and share with other men (or women) at a level that might involve feelings? A night out with the boys doesn't quite scratch where many seem to itch.

Of course, this is a generalisation, and another would be that women find it easier than men to 'talk'. My own experience suggests that many men secretly want to explore the deeper feelings they have but either don't know how to or they have no one to help them do so.

Which is a pity and can be quite damaging. There seems a lack of ways to help address this perceived problem yet I know, through expereince as a Spiritual Director, how we all need a safe place and space in which to share and explore, own and celebrate our inner being. Wouldn't it be wonderful if men were encouraged to share more than the latest football news!!

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