Saturday, October 28, 2006


Why are Family Trees so addictive!!

Just spent an inordinate amount of time creating and researching my family tree - quiet fascinating to realise where one's roots lie. It gives a sense of belonging and it's possible to realise myself within a wider context of relationships. I can quite see why some people spend so much time looking back over their family connections.

The fact that I was adopted as a baby has always left me wondering just where I belong. Not in terms of the present - I am rooted in my relationship. But in terms of whether I am a Friendship or a Mills. Where should I look for my roots? To my adoptive family, which is what I do, or to my birth-mother? It's a pity my half-brother and half-sister didn't want to know me, but that's their loss!!

And I value being rooted in Friendship.

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