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COME AND SEE - A Pilgrimage-retreat in the Land called Holy

Encountering Christ through the Land called Holy

A pilgrimage-retreat in the Holy Land
(with optional five-day extension to Petra, Jordan)
led by Fr. John-Francis Friendship

10th – 21st July 2017
(Jordan: 21st – 25th July)
Consequent to a successful Pilgrimage-retreat in 2015 I am pleased to announce that this will be repeated in 2017 – this time with the option of visiting Petra and other sites in Jordan!

The aims of this pilgrimage/retreat are to:
encounter Christ through the Land by travelling from Nazareth to Jerusalem and visiting many of the places associated with His life;
offer ways of encountering God through prayer, liturgy and meditation;
engage in an inner journey of ‘come and see’ in order to encounter Christ afresh in the depths of our being;
enjoy ourselves!

Visits will include Nazareth, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Mt. Tabor, Jericho, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Abu Ghosh. We will sail on the Sea of Galilee and make the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa.  In Jordan We will stay at the Petra Marriott Hotel and at the Jordan Valley Marriott Hotel and Spa, visiting Mt. Nebo, the Crusader castle of Kerak, the Treasury at Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash and Bethany beyond Jordan, celebrating the Eucharist at some of the holy sites.

Some comments following our last visit:

The Pilgrimage-retreat was a unique experience as a whole – for me, the celebration of the Eucharist , the Homilies, the Prayers& Hymns were central and to be held in a land where Jesus actually lived and walked were priceless.  So many tours to the Holy Land seem to lack the spirit of a true pilgrimage.  This was totally the opposite and that’s why it was so special. (GG-J, Australia)

I do think that the structure of reflection, liturgy and prayers really helped to help me connect with the geography and places we were visiting and therefore ‘journey with Christ’. Thank you very much for the services and prayers that were prepared for us to use. And I am also very grateful for the times of ‘space’ while we were out – giving me a real chance to meditate and reflect on the journey (the outer and inner experience). (MO’B, Glos)

I felt that sharing this pilgrimage was a special journey as I found I encountered Christ in every pilgrim who walked alongside me, shared meals with me and conversed with me throughout the trip.  The prayer, worship, meditation and reflection revealed such a deep spirituality and I believe everyone contributed to this wonderful experience. (CH, Essex)

My head has still been in the Holy Land for the last week. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go. I’ve come back a slightly different person to how I was before we left. (CP, London)

A COMPLETE BROCHURE for the HOLY LAND is available here and for PETRA AND JORDAN here.

Further information is available from:
Fr. John-Francis Friendship Tel: (020) 3583 9312

Fully inclusive cost: £1870 (Jordan extension: £740)

Organised by:
McCabe Pilgrimages and

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