Tuesday, April 22, 2014


“Obedience is not to an external authority but to love until love becomes the commandment by which we live.  Anything imposed on a free person has no spiritual value: we are not to ‘submit’ to authority but to love until ‘thy will be done’.  In Christian obedience we exercise submission (abandonment) to love.”
- Fr. Nicholai Sakharov

‘S. Ephrem held that God’s revelation is present in the Scriptures and in Creation where it is visible to the “luminous eye” of the heart.  Everything has the potential to be a sacrament of the Divine.’
- unknown source

“The scriptures provide a primary narrative within which we encounter stories of the interaction of God with creation.  As part of that creation people of faith find themselves drawn into that narrative in a variety of ways.  But it is within the scriptures, and particularly for Christians the gospels, that we encounter the Word made Flesh as it encounters a particular people at a particular time in a particular place.”
- Bishop Rowan Williams

‘God gave what belonged to Him and took what belonged to us.’
- S. Ephrem on the Incarnation.

“Wherever there is a disintegration of human community there is a place to practice the Trinity.”
- Fr. Nicholai Sakharov

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