Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Today was a ‘free day’ with an optional walking tour of the Old City in the morning – to which everyone came. There was some cloud around coming up from the south but it was dispersed by the mountains. I led the group to the Western Wall and then through the Jewish Quarter (stopping for coffee at a place with wonderful views over the Pinnacle of the Temple and the City of David). Then, stopping to view the remains of the walls dating back to the First Temple period (1000BC – 587BC) we went to the Cardo and saw the painting of the road as it would have appeared in the Roman period. After that we unfortunately ‘lost’ two of the group! However, they were rediscovered later in the afternoon no worse for their experience. The rest of us walked as far as the Armenian Quarter and S. James’ Cathedral (closed – we got there after 12noon) and, needing lunch I found a café David’s Citadel (Jaffa Gate) which could take us. After that many of the group felt confident enough to explore on their own and I, having bought a few presents, spent a relaxing hour drinking pomegranate juice in Muristan before heading back to the hotel.

Today the Old City and East Jerusalem was much quieter as it’s the end of the festival commemorating the birth of Mohammed. At least, that’s what I think Muslims have been celebrating as I haven’t found anyone who can explain it to me…

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Morag said...

Really enjoying journeying with you on your pilgrimage. It's bringing back lots of memories of mine in June.