Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Having written to Archbishop Rowan in the past to express my concern and that of others at some of the statements he has made concerning lesbian and gay clergy I have now written to offer my gratitude for his recent apology at the General Synod (  I recognise that this apology will upset certain people and realise that this must have weighed in his decision as to whether to offer a public apology.
However, I recall that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and, whilst an apology is to be welcomed, so will future actions which show that gay and lesbian’s are welcomed into the church and priesthood.
I am a ‘traditional’ catholic and member of the Society of Catholic Priests of which he is Patron.  I am also parish priest of a growing congregation which is welcoming black Africans, many from Nigeria, into our community. Therefore I reminded him of the very large number of catholics in the Church of England who welcome a more inclusive approach to lgbt people, as well as to women in the episcopate.

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