Saturday, December 30, 2006

Love came down at Christmas ...

Despite all the wonderful words of our Archbishop, I cannot get out of my mind his apparant metanoia concerning gay and lesbian people and the church. His words from some weeks ago - whe he spoke of the way the Church cannot be 'inclusive' of all but preaches a message of change ring in my heart with a sadness that counters any angelic message. Maybe Rowan has gone through a metanoia and has changed his views. And we must all change, 'from glory to glory', but must gay and lesbian people be thrust back into the ghetto again, condemned to a life of enforced celibacy (which never works without a terrible consequnce) if they are to be 'included'?

The Church is not democratic. That was what I struggled with as a teenager coming to some sort of faith. If it was, our bishops would be accountable to their people (as I would need to be with the congregation!) To whom does Rowan listen? To the voices of hatred and bigotry or those of inclusivity and openness? Can he really consider the attempts of those seeking to change the Church to be on a par with the rantings of Abp. Akinola et al? From the latter, and some bishops in England, I hear only bigotry. This isn't just about the 'liberalisation of the church': the hidden agenda is to 'complete' the Reformation.

As I continue to pray for Abp. Rowan, so I pray that he is able to show impartiality. To show that the words of Akinola and others are incompatible with the gospel and to give some indication that he values the contribution of gay and lesbian people to the life of the world, as well as the church.

For, if only our eyes were openned, would we not see all that has been given through such lives? And, if we saw, would we not, also, be changed?

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